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Articles   (italian)  Il rito contro il malocchio (di E. Pompeo)   A Gesualdo,  una strada per Eleonora D'Este (di G. Mannetta)   Il volo dell'Angelo (di F. Caracciolo)   Carlo Gesualdo tra musica e fantasia della storiografia contemporanea (di G. Mannetta)   Gesualdo e anziani (di F. Caracciolo)   

Franco Battiato in Concert

Common of Gesualdo the day 26 July 2005 has rendered solemn homage to the memory of the Concittadino Colonel Carmine Cal fallen to Kabul (Afghanistan) 22 August 1998 and insignito from part of the President of the Republic to the Medal of Gold to the Military Valor.. See

Inaugurated the Pio Monument Saint near the Convent of the Cappuccini Fathers in Gesualdo, where then Between Devout it has dwelled for some months in year 1909 like student of moral theology. See

GO Avellino : Avellino returns in series B See

1/07/2005 fridays Gesualdo have celebrated the Promotion of the Avellino in the series Cadetta, the B series. See

Presentation of volume.Carlo Gesualdo.The Prince, the lover, the witch of Cogliano Annibale. Invitation card (italian)

Open letter of Giuseppe Mannetta to mayor Carmine Petruzzo. The object of the letter regards the work of the Proloco in the field of cultural enterprise. Read

Open letter of Giuseppe Mannetta to the Bellearti. The object of the letter regards the permission to the lowering of handmade of 1947. Read(italian)

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Igor Stravinskij in Gesualdo to see the Carlo's castel. Clicking heare to see the photo of Stravinkij in Gesualdo.

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Carlo Gesualdo

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"The shovel of the forgiveness" (italian)

Carlo homicidal: crime or right? (italian)

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Assassination to five voices, of W. Herzog


Municipal theatre Carlo Gesualdo (italian)

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Oss. 10 : 32

31.6 C   U.R. 18 %
Pressure: 1016 mbar

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   Min (paste) : 20.9 C



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